physical and spiritual healing/financial help/job/deliverance

by antonella

Please pray for our deliverance from the power of evil, curses and all that is evil and that has seeped into our family.

Pray for us all to keep away from every evil and bad person, any person that may impede our journey of conversion, liberation and even physical healing.

Pray to Jesus because they give us faith, hope, humility, and a great love for Him. Pray for my sister she needs to find a good job to help the family in financial difficulties.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to descend upon us all, and even bring along the seven holy gifts and charisms.

Lord I ask you to heal me and my mother, I implore you, I can only pray and wait kneeling at Your feet, I know I do not deserve these graces and blessings that I want, help me. Thank you.

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