Physical healing

by VH

Pray that I may be healed from a weird pain and sensation of something unwell within the right side of my head. Particularly as I bend or lift myself up or when I turn my head all too sudden, or when I talk too loud.

The pain was quite vigorous last week, but has reduced in intensity now as I have put forth requests online to pray for me.
I can feel the presence of the Lord through the prayerful support of people online.

But still when a slight pain is sensed it scares the life out of me. Let it not be something dangerous.

Also pray for my brother who is to go through traction treatment on his neck area owing to his work that calls for constant use of laptop. Cast away all evil eyes on our family members. Pray for the good health of my parents and children.

Dear VH,
Our prayer community will receive your prayer request today. I am glad to see how your Faith has pushed you to trust in the Lord and in the intercession of all His children.

It's in the times of trial that we receive the opportunity to show our faithfulness to our Creator. Do not be discouraged if your healing might take more time than you expect. It is about the time that God thinks it's necessary for us to wait on HIm.

Even if sometimes we might not get healed physically, our soul get healing when we pray. Because the more we pray, the more God's love grows within us, and the more we are capable of loving God.

Yes , God is Merciful and He is an awesome God, He redeemed us through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. In His name and by His stripes we have been healed already. From our sins, from our physical ailments, from our emotional sufferings.

Claim your healing, through the dolorous passion of our Lord and believe in your miracle!
Share with our prayer community when our Lord visits you with his gifts of healing.
Till then, my friend.

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