Please pray for my husband and marriage

by Rachel

Please God, save my husband and touch his heart, mind and soul. Please save our family and our marriage of 23 years.

My husband says he's lost, please help him find his way back home to me and his family. I pray he does not want a divorce, I love and miss my husband so much, and his boys miss him terribly.

I pray everyday that he really loves me as well and returns home very soon so we can start to heal our relationship.

Thank you.

Dear Rachel,
Your prayer touched my heart deeply. I too pray that your husband will receive the light of the Holy Spirit to lead him back to you and his sons, where he belongs.

I will add your prayer request together with those of other readers and present them to the Lord and the Holy Virgin.

Our community will pray that you do not loose your faith and that you persevere in these difficult times you are living.
Sometimes our trials seem too heavy for us, but we have to remember that the Lord promised us this: He will never give us a cross that we cannot carry.

Keep praying for your husband, we will keep praying too. And when he comes back home, do not forget to share this beautiful news with our prayer community.

And when this happens, keep thanking the Lord forever, with whole your heart. With a life of prayer, of love and of good deeds. You see, Rachel, sometimes it seems like life is only about sufferings and sorrows. But we have to keep in mind that sufferings purify our heart and make our faith stronger!

Because only those who love deeply understand what it means to suffer deeply.

Offer your sadness to the Lord, as your gift of gratitude for His death on the cross, where He overcame all the burdens that human beings might encounter in their lives.

May the Lord bless you and your family and keep you in His love!


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