Pope Clement VII had a high political abillity

Pope Clement VII was also a clever diplomat

The real name of Pope Clement VII is Giulio di Guliano de' Medici. He is born on May 26th, 1478 in Florence, just one month after his father has been killed.

After his mother too died, he went to live with his uncle, Lorenzo the Magnificent, who was the ruler of the Florentine Republic in those days.

His election as Pope 

When his cousin, Giovanni de' Medici became Pope Leo X, Giuliano became his principal minister and advisor. Becoming a cardinal converted him in a powerful figure in Rome. He was made Cardinal on september 1513.

During the whole reign of Leo X, it was Giuliano who directed the papal policy. After Pope Leo X died, Giovanni had a leading part in the election of Pope Adrian VI, who died two years after his election.

After his death Cardinal Giuliano de' Medici was elected Pope on September 19th, 1523 and he chose the name Pope Clement VII.

He had a very high reputation for political ability and was a wily diplomat. But the people of the Papacy considered him to be indifferent to the Protestant Reformation. It was also during his reign as Pope that Rome has been sacked by it's enemies, the mutinous troops of Charles V, who was Emperor in Rome. This happened in the year 1527.


His confrontation with King Henry VIII

It was also under his papacy that the Kingdom of England broke with the Catholic Church.

King HenryVIII wanted to divorce his wife, because she could not give him sons to make sure that the throne of England stayed in the hands of the Tudor Dynasty.

The Pope refused to annul his marriage so he could marry Anne Boleyn. After a while Henry VIII went through with his wedding plans, which caused the pope to excommunicate both the priest who carried out the Sacrament, as King Henry VIII.

This action caused the King to lead the English Parliament to pass what's called the Act of Supremacy, which established the independent Church of England and breaking from the Catholic Church.

He died in Rome in the year 1534, after eating the death cap mushroom. A few days before his death he ordered Michelangelo's painting of The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel.

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