Pope Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church

Pope Gregory, also known as Gregory the Great, was the first Pope to come from a monastic background. He is also a Doctor of the Church and one of our Latin Fathers.

This good man lived such a saintly life that he was canonized immediately after his death, by popular approbation.

Imagine, he was considered a saint even by some Lutheran Churches!

We are not sure on what day he was born, but it's estimated to be around the year 540. He was the bishop of Rome until his death, which occurred in the year 604. But throughout the Middle Ages was he known as “the Father of Christian Worship”.

Works attributed to this bishop:

  • He moved the “Our Father” to immediately after the Eucharistic Prayer and immediately before the ceremonial act of breaking the consecrated bread.
  • It was also under his decision that the nine Kyries has been established at the beginning of Mass.
  • He is accredited with inspiring the beginning of medieval spirituality.

Gregory wrote many letters of which I will mention these few:

  • Forty sermons on the Gospels, twenty two on Ezekiel, two on the song of songs.
  • His writings also included Dialogues, a collection of miracles, signs, wonders and healings . He also wrote about the life of Saint Benedict.
  • He wrote The rule for Pastors, contrasting the role of bishops as pastors of their flocks with their position as nobles of the Church.

Our dear Gregory was also known for his efforts to relieve the poor at Rome. He gave alms generously and convinced the wealthy  families of Rome to follow his example. He took care that the Deacon of each parish got an office from which all poor were able to apply for assistance at any time.

In his letters, he often emphasized how important it was to him to respect property rights.

The feast day of Gregory is September 3rd, the day of his Episcopal consecration in the year 590.

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