Pray for us please

by Chantelle Tabone

Dear God,

I have been a while not praying and I have been happy. You know how much I love you and believe in you. I want to have back my relationship with you, God.

At the minute I have not been passing from good times as you know.
You know that each time I cry alone, I worry too much, I always think. God please help me solve the problems that I have in my personal life.

I love my fiance very much, but lately I have been worrying and thinking that he has someone else.
I do not want to get these doubts but that is what I am thinking and if that's the case I would like to know and to show me so I won't stay in this relationship.

I have huge fear and anger in the same time. I am frightened and feeling depressed alone. I am not sure what to do.

As it might it is not true just my thoughts.
Please God help me to solve my problem to have to be strong and to believe.

Please God send me peace and send me your Holy Spirit onto us so you can help us be strong together and always moving in the right direction and the right path.

Please God help us to be in love, strong and in peace. Please God help me to be in no doubt and to love and respect and that my fiance loves and respects me.

Help us God. I pray for everyone in the world. Forgive me for all my sins. Thanks that you have accepted me back again in your life.

Thanks for all your love that you give us. Thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. Love you and please help me.

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by: Anonymous

First, it sounds like depression or extreme despair-you need to get help! Second, confront your fiancé, it will clear your conscience to know the truth-good or bad. Then start taking walks outside to clear your head. Lastly, go to confession and tell the priest everything-he will advise you on what to do.

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