Prayer for difficulties in my job

by Bonnie
(El Paso, TX)

Dear God,

I am so frustrated with the people I have to face everyday at work. I feel threathened by them, as if they feel they know more than I do and my boss is not responding fairly to me in this respect.

And now the higher boss has taken it upon himself to treat me badly as well.

I need prayer that things will get better for me at this job. I am about 3 years from when I can retire from this job. I am so tired now.

I used to like my job before, but now it is such a task to get there and work without feeling low and weak at what I do.

Please bless my office and my co-workers and make the time pass quickly. Give me what I need to be able to cope with the situation at hand. I ask forgiveness for anyone I may have hurt and also ask for blessings for myself and my bosses.

I ask all in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

Dear Bonnie

Thanks for trusting your prayer request to our prayer community.
I will offer them to our Lord Jesus and our Blessed Virgin Mary this friday when the prayer group reunites to give praise to the Lord and offer Him all our needs.

Be sure that Jesus is duly aware of your difficulties at work. Keep praying everyday before you go to your job, that He will take care of everything.
Choose a short prayer phrase, like : 'Jesus I trust in you", and repeat that sentence the whole day, specially every time you feel weak and insecure.

You will notice after some time, that although you were not aware of it, His presence has been with you, carrying you in His loving arms all those days. This will make your trust in Him grow even more, which will make this waiting period of three years more bearable.

Read the Bible, specially the psalms to encourage your trust in the Lord. Feel free to contact us if you wish.
May God bless you and your family and keep you safe.


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