Prayer for my family back together again

Heavenly Father,

Please bring back my husband. I know we got divorced but we were trying to work it out. Not just for our children's sake but because we really love each other and want to be together.

While we were apart he got someone pregnant. He did not know she was pregnant until after we got back together. He recently left us to go be with her. He said he is trying to do the right thing.

I think being with his family is doing the right thing. I told him we could get through this, that he didn't have to leave because he felt bad. I told him I would be there to support him and the baby. My 2 daughters and I are hurting so bad and want him back home.

Please Lord, bring him back to us.

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by: Anonymous

You want him to be with you; yet you are divorced, while he needs to be with someone whom became pregnant being separated from you. You both chose to be divorced and since you have feelings for him, leave it at that and be friendly and civil for the sake of the kids.

You want him to do the right thing, but ask yourself-right for whose sake, yours and your children or him and his new family. You want him to leave his new family and stay with you, and leave his other woman to fall by thee wayside.

Did you ever ask yourself looking into the mirror at your own reflection: Is it love what I'm wanting to have our family back or love to let him go and be with new family?

It may seem cruel to say this but it sounds as if you are selfish and not caring about the woman your husband impregnated. You and your children are in dire need of counseling before you ask to have your husband's say in this matter. If he did say he needs to be with this woman-then let him go.

You need to stop living in the past and move on. Your children will have their peers to lean on, find a priest or divorced friend to lean on for yourself.

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