Prayer for reconciliation

by G

Dear Jesus,
Please help me through this difficult period. I dont really know what the best way to handle him is and I am falling apart emotionally.

Naturally, I would like my desired outcome to occur. However, I also know that this is something I have no control over and I can only be patient as I pray and reflect on how to handle this problem.

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Prayer of Thanksgiving
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much Jesus for your help. Its not easy but thank you.

by: Anonymous

Not knowing what started this down hill event in your life. I believe that you can be stronger in your faith, hope and love.

Do not despair ever. Doing this will only aggravate your emotional health and cause more pain. Try to find out through prayer why this ever happened in the first place.

We all have various needs and when they are not met it throws a wrench in the monkey works. Communication is essential for both of you. May God's will be done for both of you.

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