Prayer for Richard and Emma to stay together as a couple

by Richard
(London, England)

Dear God,

I pray for me and Emma that we will work out the problems in our relationship and stay together as a couple. That we come through this issue and remain a couple for a long time.

Please give me the strength needed to be a better boyfriend, and please allow Emma’s heart to open up to the chance of me and her as a couple again.


Dear Richard, I join my prayers to yours! Let's ask our dear Lord to open the flood gates of Heaven and bestow all the graces necessary on you and Emma.

I will share your prayer request with our prayer group. We come together every friday night to give praise to the Lord and to put all our needs in His merciful hands.

Since God is Omnipresent, we know distance will be no hinder. The only thing He asks is to serve Him with all our heart and to have Faith.

It is faith that made Abraham leave the land of his ancestors and set out to find the “promised land”. He died without having seen it, but he never lost faith.

He knew also that his wife Sarah was too old to conceive children. But God promised him that his offspring would be as numerous as the stars in the sky.
Because Abraham believed God he was called a righteous man and a friend of God.

Dear Richard, I am sure God will answer your prayers at the right moment, not too late and not too early. So never loose faith, keep praying, keep giving thanks to the Lord and keep praising Him for His omnipotence and because He created us out of nothing!

Rest assured that if you and Emma are meant for each other, there will be nothing that can separate you from the love of God and from loving each other!

Keep your faith and do not forget to share your happiness with our visitors when the time comes for that!

May God bless you and Emma and until then!


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Thank You for Your Prayers
by: Richard

Thank you both for your kind prayers, they are touching and I am very grateful for them. I continue to pray that me and Emma will work this out. May God Bless You and your families.

Ask God this question....
by: Anonymous

Ask God this question: dear God, is Emma and I meant for each other, is this ordained by you. If so, give us a sign, if not, may thy will be done.

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