Prayer Request for financial help

by David Athanasius Ting

Help me pray for my financial problem. I've been praying for God, asking Him for financial help as I am up to my ears in debt.

I feel trapped and frustrated as I feel God has been ignoring my prayers.

I have faith that God will sustain me in everything I need, but it seems my faith is, at times, lacking. I feel frustrated and even tempted to end my life.

Its like God doesn't hear me and is punishing me and I think that's the reason why He has not answered my prayers. Help me pray for my financial miracle.

Dear David,

I am so sorry to take note of your distress. But never think that God ignores your prayers! Every word that comes out of your mouth, every thought of despair reaches Him, because He is our Almighty God.

In His Wisdom he knows when and how He will answer your prayers. Pick up your Bible, the Word of God. Read the Psalms, like Psalm no 40 and no 61, worship God with all your soul and might, the more troubled you feel, worship Him the more!

You will see how you will break through all this despair and worries. Pray to our Lady, the most powerful intercessor Jesus gave us.

Dear David, of course I will pray for you, I do this for every single person who has put their trust in me doing so for them.
Every Friday night our prayer group meets to worship God, sing songs of praise for Him and present all our needs before Him.

May I advise you to join a prayer group close to where you live? It does help, you know, you will not feel you are so alone anymore. Besides, it's God's will that we reunite with our sisters and brothers in Christ to worship Him.

Look at the cross and ask Jesus to give you the grace to bear all your burdens with a light and trusting heart, knowing that when the time is right, He will answer your prayers.

And do not forget to share your joy with us!
May God bless you and your loved ones for ever!


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Prayer request
by: Timea

Please pray for our fiancial needs.
Thank you very much!
God bless!

Peace be with you
by: Rhonda

Please pray for a financial breakthrough for my we stand to lose everything. With the approaching holidays and my daughter's birthday, my despair is growing deeper. The more I try to remain faithful that everything will work out, the more things go wrong, adding to our financial stress. I ask for strength and peace that passes all understanding.

Seek financial advice...
by: Anonymous

Yes, debts are a bad thing in itself.
Do check out how you got into debt in the first place ok. Debt counseling is but a phone call away.

Be very disciplined and see how you may be able to augment your income using your own house, like renting a room or two.

God surely hears your prayers and that of many who pray for you, but you got there on your own and you will get out of it by doing what I said above.

Prayer is always good but enaction on your part will not get you out of debt. There are many solutions and one of them is there for you to use.

Financial crisis
by: Evelyn

Dear Lord! Praying eludes me. My family and I have been in financial crisis for nearly 5 years. We are neck deep in debt, sold almost all we have and are in the process of selling our house. We also sold our cars.

This we are doing to ensure our kids are at school, having been at home for 2 years. The crisis has affected the home badly. We are really in a bad state.

Offers for the house are not encouraging. We need money desperately for school fees and upkeep.

Lord please hear our prayers, my health is waning. We can't go on like this. Please, show me a sign that you are there.

God forgive my family if we have wronged you (sobbing profusely). Thank you Lord for what you have done so far.


Financial prayer
by: stephen

Need Your blessing to my family to improve our finance and happiness in our life. We need you always! We need Your blessing everyday and each minute!
Help us to growth in my career and my wife's career to achieve our goal.

Pray for Sale of My House
by: Carol

Desperately in need of a buyer for our house. Money from this sale will help us pay our bills and allow us to meet our financial obligations. Please pray for us!

Immediate help Request
by: J Chandran

It has been bad times since long.

Please pray for me and my family so that we could overcome this huge financial problem which has confronted us for long.

If its not overcome in another week I am not sure how it would be.

Deeply In debt
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me I went over my head to help my daughter
who got married and I don't know if I am going to be able to take care of myself.

I try to get out of debt but I get deeper in debt. I am embarrased that my daughters will find out how badly I am in debt.

Please help me Lord and Blessed Mother. Thank

Deeply in debt!

by: Anonymous

Please pray for us a financial break through.. Plus pray that we get a new place befor winter... Thank you

Deliverance, healing, protection and blessing of son A., Shaista and family members.
by: julian fernandes

Plse pray for son A. F. in desperate need of job and financial sources as he is jobless long time and lost many jobs for unknown reasons – that he obtains a permanent job and tide up financial crisis, turns hardworking, humble protected healed and blessed.
Also for his moslem wife S.and their 3 gal kids that A. and she and entire family come to the Catholic Faith and obtain a house of their own.

by: mary sambo

My beloved brother and sister. I hope my message get to you in peace.
My name is Mary Sambo from Borno state in Nigeria. I am crying while putting this message together in the church hostel.

I lost my husband to the terrorist attack that is happening in Borno state, my daughter was kidnap along with the 270 girls been kidnap in school Chibok Village in
Nigeria, by the terrorists.

Which the entire world is now searching for them. I am 7 month pregnant and I am staying at the church hostel, we are 30 in a single room, I don't have access to good medical care and i am afraid my living condition might affect my unborn child.

I am asking for help from you in other for me to get a place for myself and also register myself to health center where i will get proper medical care.

Please help me with anything you can, May Almighty God reward you...this is my e-mail address

Please help soon
by: Alacia

I need help with my finances of $5500 by Tuesday.
I have dr appts as I'm scared of something wrong I cannot attend or pay for please pray for me PLEASE I ALREADY SOWED IN MY SEEDS I NEED YOU GUYS HELP PLEASE

by: Anonymous

We need small check owed to us.

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