Prayer Request for jobs.

(Mumbai India)

Please pray for my Son Alroyd Fernandes and Nephew Linus, both jobless. My son Alroyd always seems to be throwing his contract job of 4-5 months on board the ship mid-way and returning home for no reason even though I contacted him as well as the hiring company to cancel his return air-ticket, but it fell on deaf ears.

Now he is jobless again. So also my nephew Linus is jobless for last 4 and half years and turning to insanity hitting his feet very hard on the floor and walls and cursing.

Please pray for their deliverances and that they obtain jobs which God suits them best for their entire lives with thanksgiving.

Dear Julian, God will hear your prayers like he always does.
We will put your prayer request together with all others and will offer them up to God daily.

We will ask for the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary to obtain for you all the temporary needs you and your family might have.

It's in the difficult times of our lives that we get the opportunity to show God we love Him and trust Him, no matter in which situation we are.

Keep up the faith, better times will come!


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