Prayer Request for my family

by DM
(North America)

Please pray all my family members are healthy spiritually, physically, mentally and financially.

Please pray our son and his wife who are expecting are blessed with twins.

Please pray all our family members love each other very much.

Please pray my faith in God grows stronger and I have a strong devotion to our heavenly Mother Mary.

Thank you for your prayers. Peace.


Dear DM, like you see, I have published your prayer request. In this way all members of our church who might land on this page can take note of your needs and offer them to our Lord.

Like we all know, for God there is no distance and no time limit!

I thank you for your trust in me with your request. I will add this to all the other needs of our sisters and brothers in Christ and put them in the hands of our dear Lady, Mother of Mercy.

Feel free to visit us again and share your thoughts with us.

Have a blessed day,

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