Prayer Request: Help with Slow Recovery from the death of our only son and other ongoing sorrows.

by Bill and Carol

June 26,2012.

Dear Community of Prayer,

Thank you for praying!

Please if possible, can you include my wife and I in your daily prayers now and in the days ahead..June, July, Aug..

Christmas 2012, 2013..? Or as long as possible?

Pray for God's Healing, Protecting, Peace & Hope! We are facing impossible circumstances that would take too long to explain at this time!

Our health situation and financial misery is making everything much harder! Please keep this area in special prayer? Please if possible, can you pass or E-Mail Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities (Women & Men) of Prayer that you know of in the world? Worldwide Community of Prayer?

We would be most grateful! We just can not bear this agonizing cross alone in prayer! We will keep you in our daily prayers!

Thank you for your patience,

In His Mercy,

Husband and Wife in Hope!

Bill and Carol. Oh. Usa

Dear Bill and Carol,

I have read your prayer request and I was very touched by your deep Faith! Our Father of Faith, Abraham, shows us the way to act under the most dark situations that life can put us in.

God called him to leave his homeland and his family and establish himself in a country he never heard of and he obeyed.

God promised him that He would take care that his descendants would become a big nation, this while Abraham knew his wife could no longer conceive children! But Abraham believed God.

When God asked Abraham to give Him back his son of promise, Isaac, Abraham did not argue with God.
Dear Bill and Carol, I am sure you will agree with me that this was the most difficult proof of faith that God asked from Abraham.

Yet, though everything must have been dark about Abraham, he obeyed God, without knowing that God never meant to take Isaac away from him.

Whenever I find myself in a situation where my Faith in God and His Wisdom and Goodness is being proofed, I try to meditate how Abraham must have felt. This strengthens my Faith in God so much that I can continue, waiting for God's answer to my prayers.

You remember the Cross? That's where Jesus beat all our sorrows and sufferings, even death!

I know He will answer your prayers too, in the way and at the time He chooses to be right for you!
Of course I will include your prayer request in our daily prayers and I have already already passed your petition to other prayer communities.

Please let this community know how God answered your prayers, so we can rejoice with you and give Him thanks!


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