Prayer Request: stop me from falling apart

by Patrick

Please pray for me as my whole world is tumbling and falling apart. Piece by piece, till it's torn to a point of no return.

I was born in a poor family and lost my father in my youth. But somehow I have always found ways and means to survive. And survive comfortably, to a point I was living without debts.

I was a born ultra atheist till I met my now wife (we have been married for 2 months) 6 years ago.
She was the most beautiful and best thing to happen in my life. She was a Catholic and she has managed to convert me to a Catholic. Things were going so well for us without any setbacks for the past 6 years.

But problems suddenly arose 3 months before the wedding date. I went through torments of hell as she suddenly lost interest in the whole relationship and for no valid reason.
She keeps finding fault in me in any single small thing, but we have managed to get married somehow.

It was a beautiful Catholic Wedding. And on the first day of our wedding my whole world was torn. What was supposed to be a beginning of a new exciting life is "the end" to mine.

I try to do everything the Sacrament of Marriage is and she is jus a distance apart. We are living like housemates rather than as husband and wife. We sleep in different rooms and she minds her thing and me, mine.

This has brought me down into a super depression and all my work has been overlooked. I do my own business and it has affected me so bad that I am back debt ridden, to a point that Satan has constantly been playing this suicide idea in my head.

I feel that life has been totally unfair towards me. Every step that I take it pushes me down 10 steps. I am praying everyday and hoping for a miracle to happen.

For my wife to have a change of heart so we can live like a good Catholic couple and bring new seeds to this earth.

I am falling apart as nothing is right at this point in my life. I need serious prayers. Show me the way back to my wife's heart. And for us to reconcile and repent.

And that I will be out from this depression and get back on my feet and start living, working, earning, pay my debts, my bills and enrich other's lives in the process....

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God's Love is Eternal
by: Myrna

Dear Patrick, I pray that Jesus bestows His love, Wisdom and Graces upon you. Stay strong in the Lord, now that you have come to know that He is the Truth, the Way and that he has everlasting Life!

Your pain is huge and your trials are heavy, but Jesus ensures us that we will never receive a cross that we cannot carry.

And more, He invites us to come to Him if we are tired and feel like we are going to collapse under our burdens.

You see Patrick, Jesus has already suffered and died for all our sins, but also all our pains and troubles!

So, although you might feel like hell has surrounded you, keep your Faith.
Sooner or later you will see how the sky will clear up and happier times will be bestowed upon you.

May God bless you and your wife, amen.

by: Anonymous

There are many trials in married life. Like yours, some come up before and seems to get worst with time.
I believe that you have a good marriage. The old boy can play a part in wanting good couples to break up, but don't give in to any of his lies.

If you both are on speaking terms, sit face to face and hold each others hands, recite the Lords Prayer slowly, one Hail Mary and a Glory be.

Ask Jesus to intervene in your lives right then and now. Ask your good angels to assist you both in this hour of need. Never pay heed to the evil one, stay centred on God. Recite your favourite psalms.

Meditate on the sanctity of your married life.
Go to confession if you find a need for it and do ask your father confessor for advice.

You may also look up bible verses for hard times etc.
A visit to a catholic therapist can work wonders.
Heaven helps those who help themselves.

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