Prayer to make up with former wife

by p

Oh Lord, I am not worthy to even be in your presence. Please let me stand back and ask forgiveness for the wrongs that I have done.

Please soften her heart to forgive me and let me try and make up for my wrongs. I can not do this alone Oh Lord as she does not believe that I can change nor that it's worth the risk from all past disappointments.

But with you O Lord, I can do anything. I deeply regret all my wrongs, confess to you my weaknesses and short comings. Oh Lord my God, please grant me Your Grace to again be with my family and loved ones.

I promise to make the best effort ever possible never to do those things which have caused me to be placed apart. Please look down in favor on my request although I fully realize so many more have a much greater need than I.

Thank you for listening, Dear Jesus, I know though anything is possible. Please consider my request as not just from someone who does not have the resolve to carry out my promise of a changed heart, mind, and spirit with the purpose of forthought to carry out your plan for a family united. Without You this will not be possilbe.

May God grant this petition and help reduce the suffering caused to all.


Dear P.
Thank you for your trust putting your prayer on our website. I am sure many people go through the same sad situation as you. But you show how much you trust our Lord to resolve what to us humans might seem too difficult.

I will pray for you and your family. For you to receive an outpouring of the gift of perseverance to keep hoping and keep praying until the Lord acts with all his might to make all things new again for you and your family.

May God bless you and your family abundantly!

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