Prayer to persevere and overcome feelings of hopelessness

by Matt
(United States)

I am praying for strength and guidance during a time where I feel as though nothing I do is right and little to none options are available.

All I want is to be able to provide for my family and I am trying to steady fears that I will not be able to. I am thankful for the presence of God reaching out to me last Sunday at Mass. It is comforting to know I am not alone.

But I am worried about so many things right now, and I know I probably shouldn't if I have faith in God. It's just hard to know how or what I should be turning over to God when so much is on the line.

God you have helped me through other difficult times in my life and have brought people into my life when they were so needed. I pray that I am patient and allow that in Your time things will all work out. Amen

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Been there-Done that
by: Anonymous

There are two kinds of darkness that you may be describing: the darkness of suicide/depression & the darkness of the soul.

I have had the latter & it's very hard to go through but it's a purging in order for you to be closer to God. God is removing the feelings that you used to have in order to experience His love His Way, which has no emotional & physical feeling.

A good idea is check out Sts. John of the Cross & Teresa of Avila. Stop using chaplets, novenas, prayers to the saints-all of these have been in the way of talking to God himself.

It's a tough period, I know, but you will get through the initial phase of it, but it will always remain with you.

The second has to be one of the symptoms of depression, which can lead to suicide; that is, the feeling of hopelessness. I would suggest you seek out a 24-hour hotline to help you with your initial sadness/hopelessness and hopefully it will give you some help.

Most assistance to the poor involving mental health assistance has a sliding scale-no free help, so be prepared to list your finances and explain your situation to people when it does come up.

Depending how bad you feel, be prepared to be visited by the police to make sure that you will not take your life & the lives of your loved ones. In any case, they may Baker Act you (you will still be responsible for all medical bills for all ER dr.s, ambulances, pathology, EKG, and ER beds, which maybe around $9,000) just to be sure.

I know it happened to me. You can apply for food stamps & cash assistance, provided that no one is giving any cash on the side. Medicaid is good because you have kids, but if not & have no disability you will not get it.

Do not lie because the state will thoroughly investigate your application & situation & if you do lie you could go to jail for committing a felony-not a good thing to have when job hunting.

To get food stamps will take about a month, provided that you are top with getting all details listed on the application & giving them any proofs or documentation that they require, so be patient and check out all food banks & pantries.

If your other family members have given you grief about financially assisting you & anything like that, you can do one of two things: seriously tell them to 'back off, if you think you are being helpful you're wrong'.
Or tell them 'I hope it happens to you so that you can learn what it's like and maybe be better people, or stay the *** you have been all the time I have known you'.

It will help you to feel better because they will not be in a position to put you down, including those of your own family, and with confidence you will go forward.
I hope this helps.

Financial Help
by: Robert

Please Help and Pray for my Family! We are in such need to receive a blessing! My wife is ill and is on disability!
And my self! I'm in pain every day due to my back.

And I need a good job to help us with our bills! And to put food on out table!
I need a better job!
This job that I have is not putting any good on my table!!

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