Prayer to win back my boyfriend Nino Nicdao

by Jo-anne Ong

Dear God, please help me to win back Nino Nicdao ...I love him so much and I know I have my mistake to say bad things coz I was really hurt for what he had done to me.

I know by heart that we love each other, please win back the love.
Also help me to find a resolution on all of my debts I can survive with my children.

Please help me I am really surrendering with what's happening with my life anymore.

I really want to give up, please help me i'm tired.

Dear Jo-anne, please don't give up. When you feel totally empty and totally exhausted, and have literally no energy left to fight, that's when Jesus is the closest to your heart.

Waiting for you to call on him. Ask for the Holy Ghost to enlighten you, to guide you, to give you strength. God never lets any prayer unanswered, it's us who don't understand His will for us sometimes.

I am sure the bad times that you are living in now will pass, because all things will pass, sooner or later.
But we must try to see all these hurts and problems and feelings of uncertainty as occasions to show God we really love Him above all things, with all our might, with our whole heart.

You see, when we reach that level of love for our redeemer, we will come to feel joy within our suffering. The joy that Peter and Paul felt after they have been whipped and left to die.

Our Catholic Church has proclaimed thousand of men and women saints. Men and women just like you and me, ordinary people, with an extra ordinary love for God.
That's what made them different from other people, their deep love and trust for God, no matter how difficult their life circumstances were.

Ask for their help, because they are the Triumphant Church of God, ready to assist us with their intercessions.
Dear Jo-anne, our saints see the of God on and on and on, for eternity.
That's the only thing that really matters for us, living here on earth, amidst all this human misery.

Let's ask Jesus, our redeemer to enable us to really change our lives, so that one day, we too can see God's face and praise Him eternally.

Trust God, He will never let you down!

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