The Sin of Pride,The Fall of Mankind!

Pride is the reason why Adam and Eve have sinned and lost the grace of God. Since then, Mankind struggles with this Capital Sin. 

This sin opposes directly to the submission of ourselves to God. This feeling of self-regard lives in every man and woman.

There are different ways in which we can recognize if we are arrogant people. 

Types of an arrogant person

  • If we want to know much about many things, not to educate ourselves, but out of pure curiosity.
  • If we are people who have an exaggerated self-opinion (ego).
  • If we cannot compliment other people for their achievements. 
  • If we are quickly satisfied and comfortable with our faulty life style. 
  • If we are resentful and have a big mistrust or dispraise for people.

A proud person with a strong will is intolerant. Arrogant people are always very pleased with themselves. They get scandalized by other peoples mistakes, but never with their own faults! 

Take note: every time we make an excuse for some wrong-doing, we are committing this sin. This is the sin God finds the most despicable.

We have to take note that if we have decided to follow Jesus, we have declared war to satan and all his cohort. 

And we must know our adversary so he does not deceive us.

Arrogance hinders us to have a sincere repentance of our sins.

This condition is a very big problem for mankind in our times.

Exclamations like this are known all over: "It's my body, I can do with it what ever I want!."

When reading 2 Chronicles 7:14 we understand that God is willing to forgive us and listen to us, if we humble ourselves. We are asked to pray to Him, change the way we live, if it's not according to His will.

Remedy for Pride: The Practice of Patience and Humility.

Let's ask our dear God to help us practice Humbleness and give us the grace to increase our longing for Heaven!  

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