Relationship Restoration

by Chris G
(Saint Louis MO)

Dear God, please bring Jessica and I back together. I made many mistakes which I have been working so hard to learn from and to never allow to happen again.

I feel you brought me to her, when I prayed to meet the woman of my dreams. I was so lonely and hurt and you brought her into my life. This I know to be true.

It has been months from our separation, she has even met another person. But the tormenting, unrelenting pain in my heart still continues, everyday. Deep down knowing moving on is not possible from a relationship brought fourth by God.

It's excruciatingly debilitating to normal life's functions, knowing with all my soul the truely Divine influenced experiences and memories we shared together, were never supposed to end but have been so very lost.

Please God I'm asking so deeply for her heart to understand how true my life long love is and to offer another chance at a happy healthy relationship in Your eyes forever.

Dear Chris,
I am so very sorry for your suffering, but admire you for your faith in God.
Relationships that have been hurt by various mistakes might take time to heal. But prayer will surely put balm on the wounds.

There is no suffering that God cannot put an end to. But some times He chooses to purify us for the time He thinks is necessary. The only thing we can do than is wait and keep our Faith in Him and His promises alive.

If you feel it's God who brought Jessica and you together, than do not fear and do not doubt for one second, although everything around you seems to show the contrary.

We will be praying for your situation starting today and the whole month of July. Please let's know if you want us to extend your prayer request.

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