Request for prayers for me and the girl who I love

by Rocky Mark Dcruze
(New Delhi)

Respected Sir,

Please pray for me and for the girl I love.

1) For both of us as that girls name is Loraine Warren and me. We both want to marry each other. Her wish is that she marries me and I want to marry her. We both love each other a lot, we want to live our life with each other. Her mother likes me a lot but the father is a bit unhappy because I am from new Delhi and she is from Bangalore.

And her father has found a boy that he wants her to marry but this girl has told that boy, his name is Denzil, that she loves me and she wants to marry me.

Please pray for both of us that we soon get married to each other so that we live a happy life by the blessings of God. I can also send you a pic of mine and the pic, I will send it to you.

Please father pray for us, I also pray to Jesus that we get married but she is scared as I had mentioned in the previous email about that black magic spell on her.

She is scared she thinks that she can't give me a future. Where I told her don't worry about that, but still she says pray that we get married to each other and live a happy life.

2) About me father that I have a job but I want to climb up the ladder. I have struggled in my life a lot I don't have a father, he left us. Its me and my sister who are taking care of our mother.

I am struggling a lot in terms of success in my career, I always pray to Jesus that I become a manager or higher than that, where I can earn a lot of money.

Please father pray for me and that girl that I love a lot. We both want to have a happy life by getting married to each other, and my success also.
Please father.

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