by susan

My loving heavenly Father, I pray to restore Bill back into my life. I fully realise my sins and my fault. I thank you for tearing us apart to bring me into a closer relationship with you.

I ask for restoration with Bill. A marriage and never again to suffer the effects of adversary. Please restore the love of my life, my soul mate, into my life.

I pray in Jesus loving name, Amen.


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Hopefully Helpful Hints
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry that your marriage has grown apart; yet did you ever seek counseling for either just yourself or as a couple? If both of you did not, then ask yourself why.

You said you want to free of adversaries; adversaries aren't necessarily another human being, but something else: financial difficulties, family members on both sides of your family not butting out and let it be, or politics from work, church, parish, or neighbors, homeowners associations (My don't we just love those H.O.A.s!)

You want things to be picture perfect, when hardly anything in our lives rarely are-so why do you think your marriage, or anyone else's marriage, will be any different? I truly hope that if not that both of you have an agape and philia love-eros is no longer and can be fleeting.

Just be good friends and civil if there is a divorce. Good luck & God bless!

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