Restoration of My Relationship

by Mel
(NorthSmithfield, RI, Usa)

Pappa,Daddy, Jesus, Lord Savior, Holy Spirit, Source of Comfort, Wisdom Council, Mother Mary, Saints and Angels, I pettition you.
I fall on my knees and beg you Mercy.

Please help me and Tommy, I love him so much, I don't understand what's going on. It has been 29 days and I have been grieving, mourning, begging, pleading for help. I cry with my heart before the Blessed Sacrament.

I have prayed Jesus for Mercy and Healing. I beg a protective Hedge of thorns surround him, give him light and healing, emotional, spiritual and physical.

I am weeping every night for him, my pillow is saturated with my tears, I don't know why he left me.

I know he is going thru something, but I don't know what because he has shut me out. I am so wounded, my heart is broken, I have chest pain.

Jesus please answer me, I feel I call out to You and I only hear silence. Deliver me Jesus, Mercy Jesus, I am a sinner and I am sorry for my sins. I forgive him, and I wait... Oh God give me grace, answer me, help me Jesus, help me, Love.

Melinda xxoo

Dear Melinda, sorry for my delay in answering you. I noticed your Faith in God, notwithstanding the pain and sufferings you are experiencing, not knowing what is really going on with your loved one.

Jesus never promised us that we will have no sufferings or problems by accepting Him as the Lord of our lives.
But He did promise He will be with us till the end of times and that He has overcome the world!

And this, my dear Melany assures us that together with Jesus, we
also will overcome this world with all it's burdens and difficulties.

I will put your prayer request before the community and God will do the rest. Stay strong in the Lord. He might take time sometimes before answering our prayers, but He has never ashamed those who put all their trust in Him.

May God bless you and your loved ones!

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