Restore my relation

by sann

Oh Lord, I seek Your help to restore my relation with my love. For all this 5 years I prayed to you to bless us, have always kept my relationship before You for your blessing.

Today his feelings for me have just died, but I still have strong feelings for him. I truly love him and feel my life is empty without him.
I know You're hearing, and believe in You that You will restore my relationship. You can do impossible to possible and yes I believe its onlyYyou who can hear my prayers.

I pray this petition before You, bring him back to me, take away anything that keeps him away from me. I want to be with him oh lord, I love him really a lot.

Help me lord I pray to You, listen to your child who needs You, seeking for your blessings. I pray this in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.

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