The Roman Catholic Bible, The Truth Of God

Writing about the Roman Catholic Bible fills me with such a happiness, I can feel my heart jumping in my chest! Yes, because the word of God means life!

No other book has known so many translations in so many languages and has been sold as much as the Roman Catholic Holy Bible! This has made it possible for people around the world to be able to read the Word of God. May God be praised for this!

And our Lord says in His Holy Scripture that His Word that comes out from His mouth will not return to Him empty. On the contrary, God is telling us that His Word will accomplish what He desires and will achieve the purpose for which He sent it!

We can never have an intimate relationship with God if we don't read His Holy Scriptures. And for us, Catholics, the Roman Catholic Bible  is our best choice to know the word of God and to live out his Word! 

And if you have just started in the Catholic Spirituality, I would like to recommend you to start with the Gospels. This will induce us to  know Jesus better and will increase our love for Him. We must learn to know someone before we can love her/him entirely, right?

Secondly we read the Acts of the Apostles. Why? Because in these Scriptures we can see clearly how the Holy Ghost guides the Apostles in everything they have accomplished. 

The same He will do with us too, if we just trust Him and follow His inspirations!

Our youth is our future! Let us read with them the Roman Catholic Youth Bible!

Everyday, after having meditated for some time about the Gospel, press your Bible against your chest and ask our Lord:

“ Oh dear Jesus, help me understand what I've just read according to Your intentions and to the original meaning of Your Word. And give me the grace to understand, accept and live according to Your Divine Teaching! Amen"

Our Lord will surely listen to your prayers if you ask Him with a sincere heart.

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