Saint Anne
A Strong And Virtuous Woman!

What do we know about Saint Anne and her husband, Joachim? Well for one thing: they were the Parents of The Virgin Mary, the one born without the original sin! 

But that's not all: they were the Grandparents of Jesus, God's only begotten son, our Savior, their Savior also!

Can we imagine being the Grandpa and Grandma of the son of God?

Anna and her Husband Joachim have been chosen for this privilege because of their unconditional love for God and because of their faithfulness! Because of this love and faithfulness they had the joy to hold Jesus and walk with Him by their hands!

More Interesting Things
We Know About This Saintly Couple

We know also that Joachim could offer sacrifice in the Temple, being also a generous giver to the temple and to the poor. Jesus' grandparents were also related to Elizabeth and Zachariah, parents of Saint John the Baptist.

Anne and her husband Joachim are not seen with Jesus Christ as an adult, so we can assume they have died during the youth of Jesus.

St Anna is the patroness of Quebec and Brittany, of women in labor, miners, housewives and unmarried women. 

In "Modern Devotions, Saint Anne and her husband Joachim are often invoked for protection for the unborn.

She was childless for many years before conceiving our Immaculate Virgin Mother Mary. It's believed that they decided to dedicate their daughter to God's service, when she was three years old. 

In the writings of Blessed Mary of Agreda we can read about the life of the Virgin Mary and her parents.

Indeed, most wonderful saints, Jesus' Grandparents! Their life was not easy, but they were strong people with a deep love for God and neighbor. 

We are sure Jesus must have loved them very much! Like Him, let's take these Models of Virtues in our own hearts and honor them as the Great Saints they were, the Grandparents of Jesus!

Their feast day is July 26th.

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