Saint Augustine,
from sinner to Saint

Saint Augustine is born on the 13th of November 354 AD. His parents were Patricius and Monica. They lived in Tagaste, Nort Africa. Monica was born of generations of Christians, while Patricius' father was a pagan.

His life as a student

Although Monica consecrated Augustine to God, he grew up to be a spoiled child. He was an excellent pupil, being very intelligent. He received many recommendations from his teachers to study Humanities.

From all the books he has read, the work of Virgil was the one he most preferred. 

But these pagan poems filled his mind and soul with lustful desires. Augustine started to live a hidden life of sin, which did not give him the satisfaction he sought.

The power of a mother's prayer

Monica has prayed for him and his future since the day he was born, although it took 30 years for Augustine to convert to Jesus. This happened during a very deep personal crisis he underwent. 

You can read more about his conversion in the book Confessions os St. Augustine, which is a classic of Catholic Theology!

His monastic life and legacy
to the Catholic Church

Augustine returned to Africa and  founded a monastery with some friends. He became one of the most brilliant Latin authors in terms of surviving works. His works  consist of more than a hundred separate titles. He is the author of works against the heresies of: the Arians, the Donatists and the Manichaeans, just to mention some! 

There are also texts of him, like the “On Christian Doctrine”. 

Augustine wrote so many teachings, sermons and letters, that it's no wonder that Pope Boniface VIII recognized him as Doctor of the Church in 1298.

He is considered the patron saint of theologians, painters and various cities and Dioceses.

His feast day is August 28th.

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