Saint Faustina:
“Divine Mercy in my Soul!”

Saint Faustina, apostle of the Divine Mercy is one of the most loved saints of our  modern times. 

Personally I know many people who have a deep devotion to the Divine Mercy of God, due to the braveness of this Saint. This heroic woman  had a life full of suffering, but managed to convince the world that they can trust God's Divine Mercy totally!

She is born in Polen  on August 25th, 1905. Her parents, Stanislaus and Mariana Kowalska, were poor and religious people. They gave her the name Helenka.

The Call For A Religious Life

Since she was 7 years old she heard the call for a religious life in her soul. She wanted to enter a convent after finishing school, but her parents did not give her permission.

When she grew older, she again asked her parents for permission to lead a religious life, but they denied her again. Thus she tried to silence this call inside her. 

When she was 20 years old she had a vision of Jesus asking her:  “Until when will you make me suffer? Until when will you betray me?” She then rushed away to a church and saw Jesus again, who told her to leave immediately and join a convent in Warsaw.

Finally, on August 1st, 1925 she was accepted in the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. She received the name of Sister Maria Faustina.

Secretary Of Divine Mercy

Jesus began  to talk to her more frequently. One day He asked her to be His secretary of Divine Mercy.

She had to give testimony to the whole world about His Mercy! And that Mankind would not find peace until it has put it's trust in His Divine Mercy.

Her confessor, Father Michael Sopocko, advised Faustina to begin writing  down the conversations and messages from Jesus which she was reporting to him. She began keeping a diary, which she called “Divine Mercy in my Soul'.

On September 13th 1935, she wrote of a vision she had about the " Chaplet of Divine Mercy." 

The purpose for the Chaplet's prayers was threefold: to obtain Mercy, to trust in Christ's Mercyand to show Mercy to others.

Jesus also taught Saint Faustina the "Divine Mercy Novena", which can be prayed at any time, but Jesus asked for this novena to begin on Good Friday. 

Years Of Suffering,
All For The Sinners

In 1936 she became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She was sent to a sanatorium in Pradnik, where she spent much time in prayer for the conversion of sinners, reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that Jesus taught her.

She died in 1938 and her body now rests at the Basilica of Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland. After her death her writings were sent to the Vatican. Everything that Jesus asked her to write down about His Infinite Mercy is written in the Diary of Saint Faustina, a must read book for all who long for the God's Mercy.

Saint Faustina  has been included in the list of the most outstanding mystics of the Church. Her Feast Day is October 5th and she is the Patron Saint of the World Youth Day.

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