Saint Francis of Assisi, Experience the Spirit of Jesus and Mary!

Without any doubt, Saint Francis of Assisi is one of my favorite saints! 

My brothers and sisters in Christ, it's so great to read about the life of this holy man and his experiences with Jesus! 

I'm sure for many of you he will be too, once you have read about this wonderful Man of God! He is the first registered stigmatist in the history of the Catholic Church! 

He chose for Jesus

Saint Francis was the son of a very rich merchant. When he was young, he led a life like most of the youth of rich people of his time: a life filled with worldly pleasures of all kinds. 

In spite of all these  “pleasures” his life was always empty. It was during times of trouble, when he would ask himself about the real meaning of his life. 

In this matter mankind shares the same attitude. Is it not when we are in great trouble and sufferings that we ask ourselves, what the entire meaning of our existence is?

That's true, but Francis did not stop here, he decided to leave the world of empty pleasures completely and follow Jesus! Very simple, right? Well, not exactly!

Disinherited by his father!

His father did not like this idea at all, so he threatened to cut him off from his will! Francis, totally filled with the Holy Spirit, did accept this challenge and since then he embraced a life of poverty and many deprivations.

But the Spirit of Jesus and Mary never left this brave and holy man!

His feast day is October 4th. 

Wouldn't it be great to know more about St. Francis of Assisi? There are many great books that has been written about him,teachings and lectures essential for the spiritual growth of people who want to be closer to God! 

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