Pray to Saint Gerard Majella
and Give Birth with Joy.

Our dear Saint Gerard Majella is born in Muro,  Italy in the year 1726. Sadly enough he lost his father when he was only twelve years old. Despite all the sufferings that he endured during his whole life, he never gave up his love for Jesus. 

He had a deep love for his mother and was very devoted to God. He also loved helping people in need.

He wanted to enter the Capuchin order, but was rejected because of his frail health. Why has he become the Patron Saint for expecting mothers?

Well, ironically, the story is this: 

While being a  member of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, he was falsely accused by a pregnant woman. She accused him of being the father of the child she was expecting.

We can imagine how horrendous this holy man must have felt. But he did not defend himself, instead he retreated to silence. Since he always wanted to be like Jesus, he forgave this women and prayed for her conversion.

After some time this women cleared him of this ugly blame. But God did more than this, He performed many miracles by this saint's intercession, specially those of “Happy Deliveries”.

This was the beginning of his association as Patron of all the aspects of pregnancy. 

Saint Gerard had the reputation

of having mystical abilities

He had the gifts of Prophecy, of Healing, of Bilocation. He could read consciences, just like our dear padre Pio of Pietrelcina. He has even predicted the day and hour of his own death!

Indeed this man was a very wonderful saint. He is not only the patron of motherhood, but people invoke him too when they are being falsely accused of any wrong doing. They can be sure of his intercession before God for their cases. This is because he knew what it means to be innocent and having to perdure false accusations. Did not Jesus experience the same, in the hands of His accusers?

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