Saint Michael,
who protects us from all evil!

Saint Michael, st. Raphael and st. Gabriel are the three Archangels mentioned by name in the Holy Scriptures. His name is a variation of Micah, which in Hebrew means  “Who is like God!”.

Where is he mentioned in the Bible?

The first time we read about this Archangel is in the book of Daniel, where Michael comforts Daniel after he had a vision. Daniel had a vision about a great or long struggle concerning his people and his city. 

In his vision he was told by Michael that he was beheld for twenty-one days by the prince of the kingdom of Persia. Read Daniel 10:13.

Again we meet Michael disputing the body of Moses with the devil. This episode is mentioned in the New Testament. In this episode we understand that even this archangel did not dare to bring slanderous accusations against the devil. But instead he wished the Lord to rebuke this prince of darkness. Read Jude 1:9.

But it's in the Apocalypse that we find the most dramatic reference to Saint Michael. We understand that it's Michael the one who leads the faithful angels during the great battle in heaven. Under his guidance Lucifer and the hosts of evil are defeated and driven out of heaven.    

In the Book of Revelations we can read how war broke out in heaven. Michael fought against the dragon, together with all the angels who remained faithful to God, their Creator.

The dragon and all the angels who chose to follow him and disobey God, were not strong enough. They lost the battle and they lost their place in heaven. Michael and all the angels of God hurled the ancient serpent, called the devil, or satan, and all his followers to the earth. Revelation 12:7-9.

Protector of God's Church

Indeed, saint Michael is our glorious Prince in heaven who defends us in the battle and in the terrible warfare that we are waging against the principalities and powers. Against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits. 

It's no wonder that st. Michael is the protector of the Catholic Church, because this is the Church built by Jesus

He is also the patron of sick people and of the mariners. The celebration of his Feast Day is September 29th, together with saint Raphael and saint Gabriel.                                         

Learn more about st. Michael and the angels. Read about their nature, role and relationship to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

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