Saint Nicholas,
loved by all children

Saint Nicholas, also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, was born during the third century. 

He came from a very wealthy family and his parents were devout Christians. They both died when he was still young.

One day Nicholas decided to use his whole inheritance to assist the poor.

He liked to offer gifts to them in secret, like putting coins in the shoes of the people who left them out for him. His works to assist the poor became very famous throughout the country. This caused that through the ages many stories and legends have formed of this saint's life. 

Honored by the Catholics, the Orthodox Church and other Christian Denominations

Because he liked to help the poor so much, he was much loved as protector and helper of all people in need, both among Catholic and Orthodox Christians. He is also honored by various Anglican and Lutheran Churches.

While still being a young man he was made Bishop of Myra.

Everyone knew him because of his generosity and his love for children. But he was most known as a bringer of gifts to the poor.

Because of his faith, he suffered persecution and was imprisoned, together with many bishops and priests.

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants and of course, children!

A beautiful tradition
to remember this Saint's life

In various European countries people give children presents to remember his feast day, which is December 6th. It is said that on this night the medieval nuns deposited baskets of food and clothes at the doorsteps of the needy people.

It is also said that on this day, every sailor of the Low Counties would descend to the harbour towns. There they would participate in a Church celebration for their patron saint.

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