Saint Patrick
brave Sheperd of Ireland

Saint Patrick was born in a village called Bonaven Taberniae, in Scotland. When he was sixteen he was taken captive by the barbarians. They took him to Ireland to keep cattle. He suffered hunger amidst snow, rain and ice.

In his sufferings he turned to God and prayed with whole his heart to be freed and return to his parents.

God changes his life

God had pity on his soul and sent him impulses of strong interior graces.

After six months God admonished him in a dream to return to his own country. He went to the seacoast, but had not enough money to pay for his passage. But notwithstanding that, the sailors took him on board.

Being back in his homeland, God made known to him by visions, that he was destined to do the great work of conversion of Ireland. He consecrated his soul to God and travelled through Ireland to preach the gospel. He devoted himself totally to the salvation of the barbarians.

During the years after his ordination as a priest, he baptized thousands of people! Under his influence virgins consecrated themselves to Christ and women were induced to live in holy widowhood and continence!

Let your children enjoy the history of this great saint with this beautiful tale:

Blending historical facts with beloved traditions, the book " St Patrick, Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle brings to life a long-lost world of druids, warriors, and kings. A world that our brave Patrick, following the example of the Good Shepherd, illuminated forever.

A legacy every Catholic
can be proud of!

He ordained clergymen and instituted monks. He  converted  the whole country by his preaching and wonderful miracles. All this in a land where until then people worshipped idols!

There are many who followed him in his footsteps and they also carry the title saint in front of their names. You could too! Know St. Patrick better, read more about his life.

This holy man has left a huge legacy: a country of saints, like. St Becan, St Machaly O'more, st Emilian, just to mention a few!

Feast day of Saint Patrick of Ireland: March 17th.

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