Saint Raphael, Patron of the Blind and Travelers

Saint Raphael is one of the three Archangels mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. His name means “God has healed”. We find his name in the Book of Tobias, in which we read about him being disguised in human form. He accompanies Tobias in his travels to find his relatives.

During this journey we can see how St. Raphael has a protecting influence on Tobias in many ways. We can read how this Archangel binds the devil who had slain seven husbands of Sara.Tobias is the next one in line to marry Sara. Sara is related to Tobit, Tobias' father,  who has become blind. 

Tobit was a God fearing man who took care that his fellow citizens who were hungry and in need being clothed. He also took care to bury their corpses, when he encountered them thrown outside the walls of Ninive.

Raphael cures Tobit of his blindness after the return of Tobias who brought with him his wife Sara. The Archangel makes himself known as being Raphael, who stands before the Lord. He tells them he has been sent by the Lord to heal Tobit of his blindness and to deliver Sara from the devil.

Saint Raphael is also known as the angel who heals people from whatever illness they have.

In the book of John 5:4 we can read how an angel went down at a certain season. The angel went into the pool and troubled the water. The first person who stepped in after the troubling of the water, was cured. 

Because of his involvement in the healing of Tobit's blindness, he is patron of the blind. He is also patron of the travelers.

His feast day is celebrated on September 29th, together with Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel. 

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