The Sin of Sloth,the Father of all Vices!

Under Sloth we understand the sin of Omission. This vice nestles itself in our will and in our minds. This is a very dangerous vice that can hinder our path to eternal life.

It can do the following to our soul:

  • It causes that we will never comply with the resolutions we make. 
  • This bad habit will also cause that we always leave things for “tomorrow” or “later”.
  • We find ourselves doing chores with a very low spirit.
  • It will make us lazy people, we will never achieve anything.
  • It will make that we do not cooperate with grace. And without grace we will never grow spiritually.

How to recognize this bad habit in us: 

  • We occupy ourselves with unnecessary things.
  • We are distracted while praying and/or in our moments of interior recollection.
  • We have a lack of Spiritual Joy. 

Why do we occupy ourselves with unnecessary things?

  • The spirit of laziness, which is against recollection, dominates us.
  • I's goal is to change our moment of interior recollection into one of distraction

This bad habit will cause that we end up doing nothing, even when we pray! We will pray without any attention or devotion.

Proverbs 10:26 tells us how incredibly nasty a lazy person can be for her/his employer. A lazy person is even compared with vinegar!

We must yearn to live in Grace! We must be honest and open ourselves to God!

If you know you are a lazy person, don't stay in that lifestyle! Let's take good notice of this fact: laziness weakens all the effects of the Sacraments. Laziness is the father of all vices!

Let's avoid the bad habit of laziness, because it hinders us to appreciate our salvation! Ask Jesus everyday to help you to be generous in giving yourself to others.

Remedy for the Sin of Sloth:

  • Read books about the Lives of the Saints.
  • Reach out to God out of Love, not because you have fear of hell.
  • Love destroys laziness, so ask God daily to make us able to love Him more and more.

Possessing  Love, you will obtain Good Will and Wisdom.

Remember: the devil never has respected the Will of God! And he will do his utmost for us too to disobey God's Will! So let us not underestimate the destructive power of Sloth, for the end of the road of this vice is eternal damnation!

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I invite you to open your Bible, look for the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25. Read it completely and afterwards ask our Lord to make us worthy to receive His Kingdom.

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