St Catherine Laboure
and the Miraculous Medal

Our dear and very popular St Catherine Laboure is born on May 2nd 1806. She was baptized with the name Zoe Laboure. She lived in France with her parents and 10 siblings.

Her mother died when she was just nine years old. Soon after her mother's funeral Zoe kissed a statue of the Holy Virgin and declared our Lady to be her mother from that day on!

She entered the nursing order founded by Saint Vincent de Paul, the same Saint  she had a dream about earlier in her life.

St Catherine Receives A Visit From Heaven

On the night of July 18, 1830, Zoe received a visit from the Blessed Virgin Mary in the chapel of the Convent where she lived. She had a very intimate conversation with our Lady that lasted hours!

On November 27 of that same year our Blessed Mother returned. This time she appeared within an oval frame. She was standing upon a globe and she was wearing many rings on her fingers.

These rings had different colors each and most of them were shining rays of light over the globe upon which our Lady was standing.

Zoe noticed that the following words appeared around the margin of the oval frame :

“ O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us

who have recourse to thee.”

She Is Entrusted With A Huge Task

Our Blessed Mother asked the Saint to ask her father confessor to take care that the image she saw be put on medallions.

She also promised that all who wear them would receive great graces.

And till this day many of us who wear the St Catherine Miraculous Medals can give testimony about the graces we receive from our Lady. 

The story of this humble nun is a story of courage and holiness. 

She noticed that not all the rings shone rays of light and asked our Lady why this was so.

She replied: “Those are the graces for which people forget to ask”.

This is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church calling The Virgin Mary the Mediatrix of All Graces.

She also noticed that the frame started to rotate and on the other side she could see a circle of twelve stars, a large letter M surmounted by a cross, with the stylized Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary underneath.

This part of the vision had to be put on the other side of the medal that The Holy Virgin asked her to make.

My friends, can we imagine how awesome this vision must have been for Saint Catherine Laboure? Indeed our dear God gives huge treasures to the meek ones!

Her feast day is November 28th.

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