by Jessica

My Lord, I love You with all of my heart. Thank You for Your many gifts and blessings. In Your Mercy please hear my prayer which I write with a heavy heart, weary of the world.

So many people have rejected You and I cannot begin to understand why, but please make Yourself known to them so that we may all hopefully share in eternal happiness and love.

When I face challenges in my life with people who don't believe in You, grant me the strength to overcome the obstacle and persevere in my faith. For I know that You, Jesus Christ, are the Only Way, Truth, and Life.

It saddens me greatly to know that nearly a quarter of the world has turned away from You! Help them please! Stop the attacks on Christianity and all other religions. May Your Christian Church on Earth be united once more; may our divisions fade away.

Help everyone to understand that there is more than what we can see, and that You do exist. Dispel the darkness that has taken over, in Your Mercy. Please help the people of my parish to be true to You. Help me to always remain close to You. Help my family to trust You more and to out away love of money and finite things.

Help my dad to be less angry and hateful. Help all of my friends to accept You and love You and live the way You would like. Help me to live the way You want me to live. Help us all see Your Plan for us so that we can turn away from sin.

Lord, I know I'm rambling but please in Your Love hear my prayers, and all the prayers offered by Your Church today, for the souls in Purgatory, especially those of my family and friends. Lead them into Your Sight. Please comfort our tired hearts. Amen.

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