Saint Teresa of Avila,
Patroness of Spain 

Saint Teresa of Avila, Patroness of Spain, is named Doctor of the Church in 1970. She is born on March 28th, 1515 in Spain. She is also called Saint Teresa of Jesus.

Being only seven years of age Teresa decided to run away from home, together with her brother Rodrigo, to be martyred by the Moors. Lucky for us, her uncle found them and brought them back home. 

Lucky for us, because this brave woman left so many treasures behind for the Catholic Church, too much to mention!

Learn about her accomplishments

This strong woman has done many extraordinary things during her life here on earth.

She was a Mystic, a Roman Catholic Saint and Carmelite nun. Together with Saint John of the Cross she founded the order of the Discalced Carmelites.

She is known to be a Theologian of Contemplative Life.

Scandalous Reforming

She did not agree with the negligence which she had found in the cloisters and so in 1562 she founded a Reformed Carmelite Convent. She did this with the help of Saint Peter of Alcantara.

The rule of living in absolute poverty was a scandal in the eyes of citizens and authorities of Avila. But under the influence of some powerful patrons and the Bishop himself, soon the resentment  turned into recognition.

In March 1563 Teresa received the papal authorization to her prime principle: absolute poverty and renunciation of property.

She established various other houses of her order, making long journeys through almost all the provinces of Spain, like Medina del Campo, Malagon, Valladolid, Toledo and more places.

She also set up two houses for men who wished to adopt the reforms. She got the help of Saint John of the Cross. He helped to found the first convent of Discalced Carmelite Brethren.

Her writings and canonization

She has written a couple of important books, namely: " The Interior Castle " and " The Way of Perfection ".

Her works also include her autobiography, "The Life of Teresa of Avila".

In 1622, forty years after her death, Saint Teresa of Avila was canonized by Pope Gregory XV and in 1970 she was named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI.

I have read her book "The interior Castle" and I can assure you it's one of the most marvelous books I have read about how God acts in a soul that puts Him above all else!

Her feast day is  October 15th.

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