To pay off Debts

by Kaden

Dear God: My Pension Income is not enough to
live on, and I have gotten into Credit Card Debt.
Please give me the money to pay off my Debts
And start fresh again. Thank You

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by: Anonymous

I've asked God for money, but nothing ever came;so I wouldn't expect otherwise. You can ask God to help inspire you to find the means to pay off your debt;or seek credit counseling in your country (I think you are in Canada, right?).

Read the book 'Organize to simplify' and sell that which you no longer need or want, and keep only that which is sentimental & necessary. I would also get a lawyer fast to keep the collectors from doing anything illegal, and in case they take you to court.

Do this because if you get a summons and don't respond, they will freeze your bank accounts and garnish wages. Do get a lawyer now for your peace of mind-the creditors will take advantage of you, but not with your lawyer.

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