What is Love? 

What is Love? Who did not ask her/him-self this question once in their lives? The Heavenly Virtue of Love is the invisible power behind Righteous people.

This is the Virtue that proud people must ask God to bestow upon them in order to overcome the vice of Pride!

If the Heavenly Virtue of Love is thriving in us, we will surely identify ourselves with the verses in the Holy Scriptures telling us that if we love, we will do no harm to our neighbors. We will come to understand why Love is the fulfillment of the Law.

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, if we don't have Love, we don't live, according to the real meaning of what a valuable life is about!

We need this Virtue very much in order to affront the temptations we'll meet during our earthly lives!

It's because of the Love for God, that we will be willing to do good to others; willing to choose God above all creatures and all worldly things!

People who are trapped in the vice of Envy can do daily acts of Love, in order to combat this vice. Do good to your neighbor, be concerned about and love her/him the way God wants us to do it: like we love ourselves!

Act of Love

“My God and my Savior, I love you with whole my heart. My soul longs for your presence, oh Lord. My whole being needs you in order for me to exist.

My dear God, don't turn your face away when I reach out to you in prayer. Without your Love my life has no meaning at all.

Hold my hand dear Lord, and never let go on me. Wash my soul with your graces for me to be capable to respond to your love the way that's worthy of you."  

So don't ask yourself "what is Love", just pray to God! Praying “Acts of Love” daily makes us aware of the loving presence of the Holy Spirit, living in our souls. He will guide us towards the everlasting Life, promised by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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